An open letter to Nikola Tesla, on his birthday.

Today is Nikola Tesla’s 157th birthday, a holiday widely recognized as “Tesla Day.” In his honor, I present to you, SpiceHeads, an open letter to Nikola Tesla.

Dear Nikola,

Is it alright if I call you Nikola? It’s your big day, so it really is up to you.

I am writing to say thank you for your contributions to modern electricity. Granted, I have only a limited knowledge of alternating currents, but from what I’ve read, I owe you a lot. I live in Austin, where it is approximately 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 months a year, so I am grateful for your contributions to air conditioning. I also frequently use lamps and fans, I regularly charge my cell phone and electric toothbrush, and I keep most of my food in a refrigerator. Thank you for that possibility. Continue reading


Superman has nothing on Spiceworks interns

On Wednesday, June 26th at approximately 4:30 pm, SpiceRex boldly went where no orange Tyrannosaurus Rex had been before—no, not to outer space, but to iFly Austin, where he indoor skydived with more grace and finesse than all of the summer interns combined.

Don’t believe me? I was prepared for that, so I included a photo. (Refer to item A below)

Item A: SpiceRex in Flight

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